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Which website builder to choose then?

Having reviewed so many website builders so far, we have come to the conclusion that WordPress is the best platform to use these days because of its flexibility, simplicity and pricing policy.

We think that this website builder is an excellent choice for newcomers in the area as well as for the business website setup. Interestingly, many of the world’s top brand websites are powered by WordPress.

All in all, if you are willing to create your personal website without much effort, then you’d better use WordPress. But if you need to build up an online store, then you are to start with BigCommerce. It is believed to be the best eCommerce website builder as it provides its users with all possible features and has moderate prices.

We also recommend you to use Wix or Gator. Although Wix offers a limited free plan, you can start their premium plans and get a considerable variety of advanced features. Gator is the perfect match for small businesses or those individuals who are total newcomers in this sphere.

eCommerce plans, Website Builders

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These days individuals who are willing to create their own site tend to use website builders to achieve this aim without engaging a web developer. Even so, those people who are not in the loop and are total newcomers in the area are likely to have some troubles during a decision-making process concerning which website builder to choose.

Indeed, with a variety of website builders available, it really seems to be a complicated task to accomplish. In this article, however, we aim to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular website builders available on the market. The list of the website builders we have decided to review is given below. If you are enthusiastic about a certain website builder included in the list, then read directly the information concerning it, skipping the rest of the article. But we highly recommend you to scroll down the whole piece as you will definitely reap a benefit out of it.

Here is the list of the website builders we have decided to review:

  2. Wix
  3. Gator by HostGator
  4. BigCommerce
  5. Shopify
  6. Weebly
  7. Squarespace
  8. GoDaddy Website Builder
  10. BoldGrid
  11. 1&1 IONOS Website Builder
  12. Ucraft